Blogs that you may find useful and/or interesting:

A list of Alzheimer’s bloggers. You’ll find opinion, along with news and information.

DementiAwareness — My blog, by a daughter/medical journalist.

Dungan in the Desert–in which Andrew S. Dungan privides information about Desert Ministries, Inc.

Bruce Bane — A blog by a man who has frontotemporal dementia.

Holly Eburne — A physical therapist writes from the perspective of a caregiver; her husband has frontotemporal dementia.

My New Adventure — Alzheimer’s — A blogger who is 65 and living with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

FTD Education — Information from a family with two relatives who had frontotemporal dementia.

Alzheimer’s Reading Room— News, tips, suggestions and advice for caregivers and others who are interested in Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Vicky’s Voice — A blog by a woman who has frontotemporal dementia.

The New York Times’ New Old Age blog — often includes articles that apply to dementia.

Know of other interesting dementia-related blogs? Please email me (at so I can add them. Thanks!


One Response to Blogs

  1. asdungan says:

    I wanted to be kind and let you know that “Dungan in the Desert,” is no longer featuring information regarding aging. Thanks.

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