Here’s what Cleveland’s granddaughter, Sabrina Shawn Suriani said at the funeral

Hi, my name is Sabrina Suriani, and my Grandpa was a great man. He loved amusement parks, and I am 100 percent sure that the reason I love amusement parks is because of him. I remember when I was younger he walked me through the amusement parks telling me how to win the games. Thanks to him, I saved $12 at the New York State Fair.

The best memory I have of my Grandpa is when he and I were sitting in my kitchen and he was teaching me how to draw stars. It took me 11 tries to get it, but it didn’t matter, I got to spend time with my Grandpa. I still use his way of making stars, and it works every time. I loved my Grandpa and I still do. I just hope he knows, so I wrote a poem for him:

The star of my life

The brightest at night

Follow him, he’ll show you how to win

Grandpa, you’re the one for me

Just promise me you’ll never leave


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